The American Burn Association says there were about 486,000 burn injuries in the US in 2015, and about 40,000 hospitalizations occur each year due to burn-related injuries. There were about 3,200 deaths due to fire and smoke inhalation.

Burns can stem from a variety of causes, such as scalding from hot water, propane explosions, house fires, car fires or gamma radiation burns. Recovery from a severe burn is one of the most difficult due to ongoing pain and long-lasting physical and emotional scars.

Between missing work and extensive rehab and hospital visits, you and your family will have a massive amount of money to pay. But you shouldn’t have to.

When you contact Kuzyk Law immediately after a burn injury, we can begin the process of securing compensation for you from responsible parties and insurance companies to cover not just your immediate expenses but the ongoing medical and therapy bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages that don’t end with your hospital stay.

Common Burn Injuries

Recover Financially From Burn Injuries
Common burn injuries range from first degree burns to fourth degree burns, depending on the severity. Burns can originate from the following:

  • Scalding from hot, boiling liquids
  • Chemical burns
  • Electrical burns
  • Explosions
  • Fires, including flames from matches, candles, and lighters
  • Excessive sun exposure
  • Radiation burns from cancer therapy or x-rays
  • Contact with hot glass, metal and other surfaces
  • Ultraviolet burns from tanning beds or lamps

Shortcomings of the Insurance Companies

The insurance companies don’t have your best interests front and center. Instead, they operate on a standard insurance model to offer the minimum payout that they can get away with, not nearly enough to cover immediate and future expenses.  The insurance company is more concerned with their own profits than making sure you get your fair payout and have your necessary and reasonable medical bills covered.

From physical therapy visits to skin graft surgeries, the costs can be huge. You don’t just have to worry about the initial hospital stay, but you must think about the lifelong emotional and psychological trauma, permanent scarring due to skin tissue damage, nerve damage, loss of limbs due to injury-related amputation, and multiple reconstructive and restorative surgeries as well. Add to those costs the fact that you may be out of work for some time. Who will provide for you and your family during that time?

Call Kuzyk Law

Burn Injury Compensation With Kuzyk Law
Our Los Angeles burn injury lawyers are on your side to obtain the compensation you deserve.

But you must call us as soon as possible after your burn.

First, get medical attention and document your injuries. It’s vital that you do what your doctor tells you when it comes to recovering and healing. It’s equally important that you save everything that pertains to your case: documents, paperwork, prescription bottles, photos.  Take detailed photos of your injuries, hospital pictures, and pictures that show the circumstances of what caused the burns, if possible.

But as soon as you can, make a call to us for a free case evaluation.

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