Have you suffered devastating injuries while shopping, visiting government buildings, attending the theatre or visiting a friend at their apartment in Palmdale? Perhaps you’ve sustained lacerations from broken glass or a fracture from a fall.

If you’ve suffered a slip and fall injury, call the Palmdale slip and fall lawyers at Kuzyk Law immediately after obtaining medical attention. Palmdale slip and fall attorneys, and contacting us quickly could make or break your case.

Let us get justice for you and hold the responsible party accountable for any dangerous conditions that property owners in Palmdale have a duty to address. Whether you were mugged due to inadequate security or you sustain a head injury in a fall that could have been prevented, “premises liability” puts the responsibility of maintaining safe conditions squarely on the shoulders of property owners.
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Slip and Fall Cases are Common in Palmdale

This Antelope Valley city is home to about a half million people when combined with Lancaster. That’s a lot of property to upkeep. Those who don’t could face consequences of the law.

Nationwide, slip and fall accidents account for 15 percent of all accidental deaths; only motor vehicle accidents claim more. With 60 percent of all slip and fall accidents occurring in retail and wholesale stores, you can bet this is a common occurrence throughout Palmdale. The workplace is no safer; 25 percent of slip and fall injuries are the most frequent types of accidents on the job.

Have You Been the Victim of a Premises Liability Accident?

From chipped and crumbling sidewalks to slick surfaces, the potential for a slip and fall in Palmdale is great. As a customer, visitor or tenant, you have the innate right to be safe while on someone else’s property.

Those injuries can have devastating – and sometimes deadly – consequences. Those consequence aren’t cheap: from medical and rehab bills to lost wages and pain and suffering, you as the victim shouldn’t be the one left holding the bag. That’s where having a qualified Palmdale slip and fall attorney is crucial.

Being the victim of such a devastating accident related to a slip and fall, your first action is to get to the doctor’s. This is necessary to properly document the injuries you have sustained.

Call Kuzyk Law second. As your #1 slip and fall attorney in Palmdale, we take your safety very seriously and will do all we can to secure your rightful compensation.

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In California, the law states that the owner of a property, such as a shopping center, office building, apartment building or other property, must provide reasonable care to keep the premises safe for visitors. As such, property owners can be held accountable for a slip and fall or other accident resulting from failure to provide reasonably safe conditions.

Premises Liability…

Under the umbrella term premises liability, there are a variety of injuries that can occur – not always involving a fall. These tragic occurrences may stem from the neglect of the property owner:

  • Falling at shopping malls, grocery stores, government buildings, commercial facilities, theatres, apartments or private homes
  • Sprains, strains, fractures, traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord damage due to uneven pavement or walkways, obstructions or obstacles, or falling objects.
  • Falling down broken staircases
  • Drowning in community and private pools
  • Falling from a roof
  • Suffering burns from a fire or explosion
  • Experiencing lacerations from broken glass
  • Being mugged or assaulted due to lack of security
  • Sustaining a dog bite
  • Slipping on wet surfaces

If you’re a victim facing mounting medical and therapy bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering, we can obtain peace of mind for you through a handsome settlement or verdict. We’ve obtained more than $1 billion for our clients since 1971! You want someone like us on your side.

“Job well done.” – Jae H., Palmdale

The attorneys of Kuzyk Law can hold property owners accountable for failing to inspect or properly maintain the premises through hard work and research. We’ll find out whether a hazardous workspace was not inspected within a reasonable amount of time, or an apartment landlord knowingly let a safety issue languish despite having received complaints about a dangerous or hazardous condition. If those conditions led to a personal injury, they are to blame.
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Our focused and qualified team can get you the financial support you need to cover the following: time away from work, lengthy hospitalizations, complex surgeries, physical therapy, chiropractic care, rehabilitation, and pain and suffering.

The statistics don’t lie: 22 percent of falls resulted in more than 31 days of missed work last year in this country. Can you afford to put food on the table for your family if you’re out of work due to a slip and fall injury?

Don’t look to your insurance company for help beyond the bare minimum. That’s their standard compensation package. We will get you more than those profit-driven bureaucracies, cutting through the red tape for a monetary reward that will truly help—not just today, but for the future as well.

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