Are you the victim of a Palmdale pedestrian accident?

Don’t make the mistake of thinking the insurance companies will have your best interests at heart. They won’t. The standard insurance model is to offer as little a payout as possible, which may just cover the immediate damage to your car and little else.

What about those medical bills that keeping coming in the mail? What about time out of work where you can’t provide for your family?

Don’t waste any more time—hire a Palmdale pedestrian accident lawyer at Kuzyk Law who will have your back when it comes to getting you compensation. Just remember: drivers who cause accidents due to texting while driving or talking on the phone rather than watching the road are legally responsible for the damages they cause to their victims.

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Enlisting the help of a law firm with this level of experience is key to WINNING your case – not just taking the first settlement that comes along.
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Pedestrian Accidents Happen More Than You Think In Palmdale

In a city nestled in the middle of northern Los Angeles County that cherishes small-town values and a family-oriented sense of community, it’s no wonder so many choose to make a home in Palmdale. More than half a million people live in this desert city in the heart of the Antelope Valley. It is the 33rd most populous city in all of California, which is great for business and economy, but not so great when it comes to busy vehicular traffic within congested city streets.

Everyone is a Pedestrian.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that more than 4,500 pedestrians and 700 bicyclists die very year in accidents, with an estimated 66,000 pedestrians and 48,000 bicyclists injured in accidents each year as well. In fact, the NHTSA adds that pedestrian accidents are actually on the rise in this country, with 4,735 deaths in 2013 alone.

Your Trusted Palmdale Pedestrian Accident Attorneys

Remember: it’s the driver’s responsibility to watch out for pedestrians while remaining in control of their vehicle at all times. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out that way, and accident victims need a legal ally to get their lives back on track.

Kuzyk Law has been proud to serve Palmdale since 1971, collecting more than $1 billion in settlements and verdicts since we opened our doors. This is all thanks to a shrewd personal injury legal team that won’t back down in the fight for victims of pedestrian accidents. We are devoted to getting you the full value you’re entitled to, often without having to go to court because we do all the work for you behind the scenes.

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Pedestrian injuries and deaths can occur due to a number of causes such as:

  • Careless or distracted driving while turning
  • Speeding
  • Alcohol or drug use (DUI)
  • Texting or using a smart phone while driving

Our Palmdale pedestrian accident lawyers cut through the red tape of the insurance industry, powered by personalized legal services honed over 40 years in the business. Our goal is to maximize your payout so you can have what you need to fully recover from your accident.
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Negligence is determined after careful consideration of a variety of factors, such as:

  • Driver’s duty of care: These include factors such as whether the driver was speeding, texting while driving, driving under the influence, failing to yield to a pedestrian, etc.
  • Pedestrian Duty of Care: Pedestrians may be at fault with contributory negligence if they ignore walk signals, rush out in front of traffic without warning, or fail to use a crosswalk (however, they still could be awarded compensation).
  • Age of pedestrian: Drivers are asked to keep their speeds lower when going through residential, school and park areas because children are around.
  • Location and conditions: Weather visibility and location such as a school zones are all taken into consideration when determining who is at fault.

Kuzyk Law’s personal injury attorneys have a proven record of getting our clients maximum payouts to help them pay for vehicle damages, medical bills, physical therapy and mental anguish brought on by the stress and horror of a pedestrian accident. Too many people settle for insurance companies who drag their feet when it comes to compensation. Make the right choice and let our attorneys do the fighting for you.

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