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Scalding from hot water, propane explosions, house fires, car fires and gamma radiation burns. These are all various types of burns that can be excruciating to go through. The recovery for a severe burn is said to be one of the worst due to the ongoing pain and long-lasting physical and emotional scars. Sometimes burns are so devastating that victims develop post-traumatic stress disorder after the fact.

If you fall victim to a burn, it’s imperative to get to a hospital right away for treatment and documentation. Then, make your next call to our law offices. This is the time when you need a qualified Los Angeles burn injury attorney on your side. We can begin the process of securing you compensation that will cover not just your immediate expenses but the ongoing medical and therapy bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages that don’t end with your hospital stay.

If you are a burn injury victim, turn to Kuzyk Law. Don’t settle for the meager payouts offered by insurance companies. We go above and beyond to secure your future.

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Burn Injury Los Angeles
More than 40,000 hospitalizations occur each year due to burn-related injuries, says the American Burn Association. From nerve damage to permanent scarring, the consequences of burns can cut deep, both emotionally and physically. A huge city like Los Angeles (second largest in the country) plays host to thousands of injuries every day.

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Burns can result from scalding bath water, contact burns, electrocution, radiation burns and flammable liquid explosions, with results that can turn deadly very quickly. Survivors of such burns often face a lifetime of lasting problems, such as skin grafting surgeries and therapy, that keep the medical bills coming. As the victim, you shouldn’t have to pay out of your pocket for those expenses. What if you are the breadwinner and can’t go to work? How will you feed your family? How will you recover in peace?

The quicker you act, the better your chance of a settlement or award will be.

Compassionate, Dedicated Burn Injury Attorneys in Los Angeles

It’s critical to make quick decisions when you’ve been the unwitting victim of a burn injury in Los Angeles. After seeking necessary medical treatment, don’t wait to call our skilled and experienced burn injury attorneys at Kuzyk Law. Our firm has secured more than $1 billion in settlements and verdicts since opening our doors in 1971.

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With more than four decades of experience under our belts, you can rest assured we will take care of you.

The insurance companies certainly won’t. They operate on a business model that encourages them to offer the minimum payout to their insured. Most times this is not nearly enough to cover immediate and prolonged expenses combined. From physical therapy visits to skin graft surgeries, the costs can get astronomical. Put our personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles squarely on your side to obtain the compensation you deserve.

There are many debilitating effects of burns, ranging from mild to severe, such as:

  • Lifelong emotional and psychological trauma
  • Debilitating fear and emotional suffering
  • Large and ongoing medical expenses
  • Permanent scarring due to skin tissue damage
  • Nerve damage
  • Loss of limbs due to injury-related amputation
  • Oversensitivity to heat, cold, or sunlight
  • Disfigurement and cosmetic deformities
  • Multiple reconstructive and restorative surgeries
  • Inability to sweat efficiently
  • Inability to grow new skin

These consequences can be expensive, especially if you need ongoing treatment for many years. If the victim is the family’s sole source of income, you may be entitled to lost wages. We know it’s impossible to eliminate the physical pain and trauma you have experienced as the result of burns, but we can do something to bolster your financial situation with an adequate payout. Many times, cases are settled amicably through a faster, more informal process via negotiation and/or mediation.

It’s Only Fair for You to Get What You Deserve.

It may be tough to think beyond your recovery, but it’s important to think about who will take care of your family and how you will pay for all those medical bills, both now and in the future. Kuzyk Law is your ally in the fight for compensation.
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