As the victim of a vicious dog attack, you can be further victimized by lasting emotional and physical scars. Dog bites aren’t usually one-time things. They can leave you with permanent disfigurement and psychological wounds that follow you for months, years and a lifetime. As the victim who did nothing to spur on such an attack, you deserve compensation for your ordeal.

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Keep in mind, animals are wild by nature. Even the most trained, docile dogs can snap. Other times, they are bred to attack. Whatever the case, their teeth and claws are dangerous weapons. Their owners should know that, and they should be held accountable for the aggression that their pets act upon.

How to Choose a Dog Bite Attorney

Each day in the United States, about 1,000 people seek care in emergency rooms for serious dog bite injuries. Each year, 9,500 people are hospitalized for those injuries and 900 die, according to Whether you were victimized yourself or witnessed your child go through a traumatizing attack, you must consult with a Fresno dog bite attorney right away to maximize your chances of securing fair compensation.

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It starts with knowing how to choose the best LA dog bite attorney. In your search, you should look for:

Solid Negotiation Skills

Most people steer clear of negotiations because of the conflict, tenacity and diligence it takes to get it right. However, a dog bite lawyer handles these types of cases every day and has extensive experience dealing with aggressive insurance companies. It can be confusing to know whether the settlement offered by your insurance company is fair. However, your attorney knows it isn’t and will fight for more money. The simple fact of receiving an offer from the insurance company doesn’t imply you have to accept it as-is. An experienced attorney will go over the offer and counter with a higher amount. It’s not uncommon for this process to go back and forth multiple times until all parties come to an agreement. Those who lack the time, patience, follow-through or resources to forge ahead and repeatedly ask for what they deserve should have a Lancaster dog bite attorney on their side.


There’s certainly no shortage of online legal sites these days, leading everybody to assume they’re an expert at successfully negotiating their own case. But while online resources can be helpful, no amount of online research can replace personalized, professional experience. LA dog bite attorneys handle these types of cases every single day, with the chances being very high that they have dealt with similar cases to yours recently. They utilize those case studies and examples to educate you on what’s going on, outlining exactly what to expect in order to get the compensation you deserve. 


Filing a dog bite claim on your own can be a scary and overwhelming time. Understandably, you will have many questions and concerns that cannot be answered by well-meaning friends and family or the Internet. An attorney backed by targeted knowledge, experience and confidence will put your fears to rest, giving you peace of mind and confidence to forge ahead.

Vast Legal Knowledge

Most people don’t know how intricate and complex California law can be. It’s your lawyer’s job to know them backwards and forwards. With your own job and family to worry about, not to mention healing from your injuries, you don’t have time to interpret the laws and use that knowledge for a fair recovery. Your lawyer does.

Access to Resources

Hiring a dog bite lawyer gives you access to a whole team of professionals who will contribute their knowledge to your case. There’s usually a lead attorney involved, along with a paralegal who performs all the research and investigators who collect evidence to bolster your case. Just think about it: if it takes your attorney a team of people to handle your case, how do you think you can go it alone?

Personal Advocacy

Knowing someone’s on your side during this fight is of paramount importance. Lawsuits can be very isolating, drawn out and draining. It’s your lawyer’s job to secure the settlement amount you deserve that’s in line with your injuries. The other part of their job is to prosecute the at-fault party so this doesn’t happen to someone else in the future. Having someone accountable for their pet’s actions now will save further injuries to another innocent victim. It’s this personal advocacy and search for justice that will help you heal from your injuries as well as protect the public.

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