No matter how minor you may feel your injuries are, it’s crucial that you get to a doctor right away for a thorough examination.

Only a qualified doctor can rule out hidden injuries that may get worse and create serious problems for you weeks or months later.

Your accident may have caused minor, acute or life-threatening injuries that must be documented properly by a doctor. Be sure to preserve that documentation!

Follow Your Doctor’s Advice

Follow Doctors Advice On Injuries FAQ
Once you have seen your doctor, do what he or she tells you and be sure to show up for all appointments.

When you miss a doctor’s appointment, this speaks volumes to both the doctor and the insurance companies that you must not be in much pain if you can’t even show up at the appointed time.

Needless to say, this is detrimental to your case.

Protect your health, yourself, and your case by obtaining the necessary treatment and following your doctor’s instructions, no matter what.

Ask for assistance from family and friends if you are having a hard time getting to the doctor. You must make these appointments, as they serve as evidence of your pain and rehabilitation efforts.

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Even if you are in pain yet don’t see the doctor regularly, the insurance companies may not believe how truly injured you are. As a result, you may receive less monetary compensation than you would if you had attended all doctor appointments as scheduled.

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