Have you been attacked by a vicious dog? Have you contacted a lawyer yet?

From serious head injuries and permanent disfigurement to emotional and psychological suffering, dog bites can result in a range of traumatic events for people of all ages. Vicious dog bites and dog attacks by animals who are not properly trained and restrained by their owners often lead to the need for shots, reconstructive surgery, and even psychological therapy for lasting wounds – both emotional and physical.
Kuzyk Law Helps Dog Bite Victims
Dog bites also carry with them the potential for disease transmission and scarring, which both carry their own devastating results, in the form of surgeries, therapy and hospital bills. Children in particular can experience emotional terror, intense fear and anxiety associated with the attack, which can last their entire lives.

Why should you have to pay for the long-term damages that someone else’s dog imposed on you?

You are never alone in your recovery. Kuzyk Law can help, backed by more than 45 years of experience with these and other types of personal injury cases. Rather than settle for the paltry payout of the insurance company, we can go after damages such as pain and suffering, lost wages, and medical and therapy bills you may incur during recovery.

The Bare Minimum Won’t Cut It

The nature of the insurance company bureaucracy is such that they pay out the smallest amount possible. The smaller the sum they pay, the more profit they make on the other end – all while you’re struggling to pay bills for you or your child’s serious facial injuries. Make the responsible party pay up for their carelessness in letting their vicious dog roam free. Kuzyk Law can get you more.

With skilled , experience representation on your side, you have much better chances of securing the payout you deserve – one that will address all of your ongoing medical needs, lost wages, surgery, therapy and pain and suffering. Don’t hurt your chances of a financially secure future just because you failed to take action.

Our shrewd personal injury lawyers make the responsible parties pay the proper amount you have coming to you. There’s no need for you to suffer the burden of mounting bills when the injury was due to someone else’s negligence.

The Process

Dog Bite Victims Need Kuzyk Law
Firstly, get medical attention and follow doctor’s orders for recovery. Then, make a call to Kuzyk Law at 661-945-6969 for a free consultation.

We will set up a free appointment to evaluate your case. Our team can then move forward building your case so you are awarded the payout you deserve.

Remember: follow your doctor’s orders so you can heal and get well, all the while saving anything of value to your case such as documents, photos and prescription bottles. Remember to take pictures showing what happened, including the scene of the dog bite attack, the injuries and the treatment you received.

Call Kuzyk Law Immediately

Taking the wrong step or waiting too long can be detrimental to your dog bite case. Put the details into our capable hands, and we will take care of the rest. But you have to make that call in a timely manner. Putting off your call to us could hurt your chances of securing your financial future after such a traumatic accident.

Call Kuzyk Law for your free, no-obligation case evaluation at 661-945-6969.