Agoura Hills, a suburb of Los Angeles, sits in the Conejo Valley nestled between Thousand Oaks and Calabasas on the other side of the Santa Monica mountains from Malibu and the Pacific Ocean. While this affluent suburb seems sleepy enough, with calm streets and low crime rate, it’s split by the 101 freeway…and that means traffic.

Traffic on this major route is heavy all day long, particularly at rush hour, where people commute both directions on the only freeway between LA and Ventura.
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And so this area becomes a breeding ground for auto accidents and other opportunities for personal injury.

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Securing experienced, tenacious personal injury attorneys immediately following a life-altering injury is critical. Even more important is selecting a law firm that specializes in all areas of personal injury law and that is familiar with the Agoura Hills area. That firm is Kuzyk Law.

The insurance companies hate to see us coming. That’s because they’re trying to get away with a meager payout that will barely touch the future bills you will encounter. We know you can do better.
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Many personal injury victims mistakenly think they will be adequately compensated by the insurance company. We’ve been in this business long enough to know this just isn’t true. The typical insurance company model is to try to get away with low-ball settlement offers to protect their bottom line.

Our job is to ensure you aren’t taken advantage of. There are many factors to think about aside from the immediate medical and property damage bills. Many injuries have very real and lasting consequences that can span years or a lifetime. In the case of spinal cord injury, for example, the physical effects can range from loss of sensation to total paralysis. This means you could be in rehab and require lengthy hospitalizations for years to come. That low-ball offer will run out much sooner than that.

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