Every day in this country, there are 3,300 deaths as a result of fatal car accidents, with nine of those fatalities related to distracted driving. Sadly, these deaths all stem from completely preventable causes. There are even more injuries. In the state of California alone, there are 255,000 people injured in car accidents each year.

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Being involved in a car accident is an emotionally draining, physically damaging experience that can leave you with extensive injuries and the inability to work, at least for a while. The person responsible should have to pay for those injuries so you don’t have to add financial worries to your plate.

To help you prepare, check out these four things you should know before you hire auto accident attorneys in Lancaster.

1. Initial Consultations are Free

Most lawyers don’t charge an upfront fee; rather, they take a percentage of the final award. However, there are many injured people out there who won’t pick up the phone to call for a free consultation with a lawyer because they think it’s too cost-prohibitive. But with a free consultation and contingency fee basis, there really is nothing to lose. During your free initial consultation, your lawyer will discuss with you the basic information surrounding your case and whether you have a case that requires representation. In the end, it’s all about peace of mind. You don’t want to go through life struggling with medical bills and wondering… “what if?”.
4 Things to Know Before Hiring Auto Accident Attorneys

2. Don’t Underestimate Experience

The bottom line is, the experience is the most important factor to consider in your decision to hire auto accident attorneys in Garden Grove. Good lawyers will limit their practice to one type of law, such as personal injury, with specialties under that umbrella, such as car accident law. When hiring a lawyer to handle your car accident case, make sure they have adequate experience in that field, with a long list of successes over the years. This is easy enough to research. Browse online, take a look at their website, and ask them questions during your free consultation.

3. Stay Away From Ambulance Chasers

Ambulance chasers are lawyers who will approach you at the scene of the accident or at the hospital while you are being treated for injuries. They’ll hand you their card, ask you questions and tell you to call them right away. This practice isn’t just unethical but it’s also illegal in most cases. If a lawyer approaches you in this manner, steer clear. These “professionals” are frowned upon in the legal community, and if they are cutting corners with you, they will probably cut corners on your case. A reputable lawyer doesn’t have to chase down clients. They rely on their professionalism and good standing in the community to build up their client base.

4. Know What You’re Paying For

While your initial consultation might be free, any services rendered afterward aren’t. Before you enter into any contract with your personal injury attorney, make sure you’re completely aware of the fees you’ll be responsible for paying. A good lawyer values honesty and will be upfront with you about it all.

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Heeding these four tips will help you make the best decision possible when it comes to hiring auto accident attorneys in Lancaster. Contact us at 661-945-6969 if you have been injured in a car accident. We are here for you 24/7.